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""Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." --Mother Theresa


"Kelli's incredible talent and skill, coupled with her wonderful passion and love for what she does makes her the best of the best."

Sheri Wilcox


The best thing that I could say about your massage is that whenever I am getting a massage from you the whole world seems to melt away!  I can completely relax and trust that I am in good hands.

You are the best at finding all the little tender spots and either massage or stretch them out.  Beside this the most important thing you do when you are with a client is be yourself.  This makes everyone feel at ease and loved!  I am biased but you have always made me feel this way!



I love Kelli.  She is nourishing to the heart, body, and soul.  RUN, do not walk, to experience her loving touch.


I have loved going to Kelli for the past few years; her hands are like GOLD!  After her treatment I feel like a new person!

Antoinette Brocklebank

Kelli's mere presence invokes a feeling of peace, calm, and love.  It is a privilege to work with her, as her words and touch provide a safe haven for inner exploration, enlightenment, and centering.  Kelli's "realness" and purity are truly uplifting.  Thank-you for everything, Kelli!  May God continue to provide you with all the love and happiness you bring to others through your work.

Love ya,

Jasmine Judith Ramirez, N.C.S.P., S.S.P.,L.M.F.T., MS.Ed.

School Psychologist & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Fl

"...Kelli...she listens to you, locates your specific problems....and proceeds to give the best deep tissue massage ever!"

- a Grateful Customer


After a very stressful and emotional year due to a variety of circumstances.  I began to have terrible pain in my left shoulder and could not lift my arm above my head, reach back to put on a jacket or to fasten a bra.  I continually woke up throughout the night from the pain when moving around during sleep.  After several visits to my orthopedist (one of the best in South Florida area) which included x-rays, an MRI, cortisone shots and prescription medications, he was unable to provide me any relief to my left shoulder pain which he diagnosed as "frozen shoulder syndrome".  I finally asked him for a prescription for a series of massage sessions to try to get some relief through alternative medical methods.  After my third massage session with Kelli, I began to feel relief from my shoulder pain for the first time in months.  By my tenth session the problem was completely resolved.  Kelli is a miracle worker and although my left shoulder is completely back to normal, I continue to see her as often as I can for overall wellness.  Her thorough knowledge of her craft and her overall approach to wellness is beyond reproach.


Debbie Sherwood

Hollywood, Florida


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