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"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." --Mother Theresa


Kelli has been in my life for about 5 years now and has helped me in so many ways, thanks to her diligent desire and quest and for learning different massage/healing techniques.  I have quite a few "challenges" with cervical and Fibromyalgia pain.  I wont get into the specifics, but am so please to share how Kelli has not only cleared many mental/spiritual and physical blockages along with numerous physical ailments, but actually corrected them (and has taught me to how to heal).

Kelli's knowledge is so vast and she is frequently finding new methods of learning and her need to help, that we, (the very blessed receivers of her accomplished and caring gift), reap the benefits of her striving and caring spirit.

Kelli is like "Mother Earth", with her generous, caring and loving self.  I try for a massage with Kelli at least twice a month as it liberates me from the "physical pain prison"  Through her wonderful & caring touch, I can feel the mind/body connection and have healed in so many ways.  She renews and refreshes our lives and changes a sometimes unkind world back into the way it was and should be.  I am a better and more whole person because of knowing her.  I not only recommend, but URGE strangers and friends to visit the "Wonderful World of Miss Kelli"


Kelli Takes her craft very seriously!  When most people complete their training in a chosen field, they are generally done.  In the eight years that I have known Kelli, she has continuously sought knowledge and education in the field wellness as it pertains to body, mind and spirit.  Every time I have utilized Kelli's services, I truly feel that I have been given a gift, as I always learn something new and feel a deeper sense of calm.


Kelli's massages are lusciously relaxing.  Whatever your daily life has done to fragment you, Kelli puts the pieces back together and makes you whole again; so, you can go on to be happy another day. 

The best experience of all is when I decided to sign up for a series of Lypossage treatments.  I lost 10 pounds without dieting, and my whole body firmed up.  The issues of post menopause are alleviated.  One really obvious thing is an improvement in my skin.  Kelli's energy and techniques are not matched by anyone.  She is a healer.


today is a difficult decision day, I can only choose one but I love them all.  Will it be Lypossage desperately needed but I will opt for one of your delicious massages, at my age I need to keep the blood flowing.  No matter the choice they all make me feel so good.

Thank you my dear daughter for your wonderfully blessed hands and the love that flows through them.



I have known Kelli for over 4 years.  She was recommended to me by another friend.  Being a professional MT specializing in Therapeutic Massage, I am pretty picky about receiving massage and especially massage techniques used by therapists.  From the first session with Kelli, I was impressed.

Through the years, Kelli has worked with me using all sorts of modalities.  Each and every one delivered with precise execution, timing, caring, nurturing and loving touch.  She has helped me heal on multiple levels and has worked with me through some very difficult times emotionally and physically.

I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone.  Whether you are interested in receiving a beautiful, relaxing massage, or intend to change deep seeded issues at physical, emotional or core levels.  Kelli has the experience, dedication and loving heart to transform you to your highest good.


God Bless You Kelli.  You are an Angel on Earth.

Pamela Leonard, LMT


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