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Questions and Answers: LightWave Skin Therapy


Q: How often should treatments be administered ?

A: The initial treatment package should be administered 20-24 minutes once a week for a total of six (6) treatments.

Q: How soon will  the patient see results after the first treatment?

A: many patients will experience some change in skin appearance after the first treatment.  Typical results after the first treatments are a smoother and healthier skin tone.  In the days and weeks following the first treatment, the skins appearance will continue to improve as new capillary growth, which leads to better circulation and collagen production increase.

Q: Does the patient need additional treatments after the initial set of treatments?

A: Yes. At least once monthly the patient should have a 30-minute LightWave  rejuvenation treatment.  More frequent treatments may be needed ( or desired) and are dependent on the specifics of the patients skin care needs.

Q: Are there any side effects from the treatment?

A: There are no known harmful side effects from the treatment.  Some patients may experience a slight flushing of the skin and some may feel a mild discomfort but this should decrease over a couple of hours following the treatment.  This is due to increased circulation to the areas being treated, which has therapeutic benefits as it assists to flush toxins and other wastes from the skin cells and lymphatic system.

Q: What other areas can be treated?

A: The LightWave  Skin Rejuvenation System is most effective in treating the face, neck and chest areas.  However, it can be used to treat other areas of the body as well.

Q: Why does this unit use two (2) wavelengths of light?

A: Ultra-bright red operates at the visible spectrum of light (660nm) and is very good for killing bacteria.  Infrared light operates at the 940 nm spectrum, which is not visible to the human eye.  It is that light which has the greatest effect on the mitochondria of the cell and can penetrate the dermal layers with greater ease.

Q; Why does the energy probe warm up?  I thought this treatment was about light therapy?

A: Unlike other devices on the market, LightWave  DOES NOT put a heating bulb in the unit.  This therapy is not about heat.  It is the properties of energy that are the most beneficial.  However, due to the high levels of energy emitted from the device, some heat will be generated.

Q: Will this therapy work on any skin color or type?

A: Yes.  LightWave  phototherapy treatments work at the cellular level.  Persons of all skin types and colors can benefit from these treatments.






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