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  Lightwave Skin Therapy

Explanation of Phototherapy

Light therapy has been used by ancient cultures (Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese)  for thousands of years.  It is only recently that science has been able to explain these healing principles and apply them in a manner that is safe and efficient for healing and anti-aging purposes.

Phototherapy is the scientific application of light to specific points of the body to activate or produce particular physiological results.  When light is generated and travels through air, it can be described as being comprised of electromagnetic waves, measured in nanometers (nm).  However, it is the "energy" that we are most interested in.  It is the proper combination of energy output, type of light wavelength and absorption of energy in the cell that assists in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.

The activities caused by phototherapy increase vascularity and the formation of new capillaries as well as assist to replace damaged ones.  Certain wavelengths of light also stimulate the production of collagen.  The chemical compound ATP (adenosine triphospahte) is a major carrier of energy in cells and its release allows for a faster acceptance of nutrients in cells and the removal of toxins when stimulated by phototherapy.  Increase in lymphatic function also occur with the application of phototherapy.

Advancements in Phototherapy Technology

Skytech has taken a revolutionary approach to blending a combination of highly miniaturized circuitry and lightweight polymers to deliver a low cost solution to phototherapy treatments.  The new technology allows treatments to be conducted using an energy-emitting probe that has varying wavelengths and energy outputs.  Unlike other phototherapy devices costing thousands of dollars more, the energy-emitting probe does not need to be connected to a large steel or aluminum case for power.  Yet it delivers as much if not more energy in a shorter time period, maximizing treatment effectiveness.  The system is easy to transport and it's compact design makes storage convenient.  Skytech has utilized years of research (both internally and externally) to hard code operative functions of the device thereby reducing the burden of complicated procedural activities for the user.  Its simplistic operation boils down to one element - time.  The LightWave�  Skin Rejuvenation System is designed with optimal light frequencies, power output, and pulsed setting hard coded into the circuitry.  The user controls the time and location of the treatment allowing for more focus on other intangible aspects of the LightWave�  experience.


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