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Journey To Oz



"There's no place like home"


Journey To Oz

Follow my voice in this session as I guide you with meditation and creative visualizations, leading you to your sweet center...

"Journey to Oz" is like a mini "Beyond Bliss"... more like 'Bliss'.

Body, mind & spirit meeting at the heart center...

Massage & cranial healing techniques combine to stimulate the right brain hemisphere of higher consciousness, allowing the Divine flow of creativity  and childlike wonder to transcend the mediocrity of our daily lives.  This healing is given and received  with the sole intention for out - of - mind, in- and - out of body...harmonizing, balancing, BLISS!








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Kelli Mirr, LMT & Lypossage� Practitioner

By appointment only

(954) 924-8878 or Send Request

Sheridan Executive Center

3475 Sheridan Street �  #215E �   Hollywood, Fl 33021

MM32345  MA28886

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**Ask about the health and beauty benefits of KANGEN alkaline water and enjoy some at your next appointment."






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