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"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."     

                                                                     Albert Einstein


Higher Self Awareness

Today's world holds the potential for unlimited growth and awareness in all areas of our lives. The levels of human consciousness exist within the greatest gap ever conceived on earth. This diversity is meant to be celebrated, yet for most of us it is judged, resisted, and even condemned.
Many of us have set lofty goals and ideals for our lives, yet are neglecting the necessary steps to create these new and better realities. Many of us, with advanced intellectual understanding, are speaking words of greatness yet vibrating with the lack of that which we desire....praying for and affirming our goals, yet being delivered day after day, year after year, with evidence of failure in the areas of our lives that matter most. It becomes increasingly apparent that the quickest and easiest way to release the resistance is to stop believing in ourselves and our dreams. There is another way.
When we begin to reveal and release, or identify and change our unconscious patterns in a conscious and deliberate way, we take charge of our lives....we begin to think and act in ways that honor and uplift our spirits.
The unconscious mind has no judgment. It records and replays negative thoughts, feelings and life experience as well as positive ones. This unconscious programming creates patterns that contribute to low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, and overall lack of well-being.
Given this greater understanding, we now have the power and infinite potential to create positive change....to identify the negative programs and clear these blocks by reprogramming the unconscious with positive messages. Learn more about yourself and how to affect change in your life. Turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary reality! 




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