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" Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is more people who have come alive. "  --Unknown

Massage Therapy by Kelli Mirr, LMT


Mind, Body, Spirit

With more than 17 years of experience, Kelli is a gifted and guided therapist combining Swedish, deep tissue, stretching, and energy work to customize the session to meet your specific needs.

She is also certified in Lypossage, the latest modality in manual body contouring that creates a detoxifying, beautifying experience.  If that's not enough, she can also deliver a LightWave Skin Treatment to diminish age spots, fine lines and blemishes, and aid with a  host of other Skin problems.  Her work has been described as heart centered healing, combining years of training, talent and precision, with a touch of Divine presence and sincere compassion.

Her mission is to create a safe space for healing to occur; freeing the body, mind and spirit from tension, fatigue and distress, encouraging true beauty, balance and harmony, as nature intended...the Divine definition of loving life!

Kelli began her conscious work with energy healing during massage therapy in 1997.  Becoming a "Reiki Master", Kelli also studied and practiced Theta Healing & Intuitive Anatomy (Vianna Stibal).

I.S.I.S, or "Inner Sight Interactive Sourcing" and Clairvision (Samuel Sagan), Spiritual Response Therapy (Robert Detzler), Shadow Process (Debbie Ford), and Resonance Repatterning (Chloe Faith Wordsworth).

In addition, Kelli holds immense gratitude and much deserved credit for higher level states of awareness... to Ernie Chu (Soul Currency), Lu Thalhofer (Advanced Theta Healing), and Dr David R. Hawkins (Map of Consciousness).

"Do you want to know why the story of my life is so beautiful?  Because I tell it that way. What story am I telling myself about myself today?" - K. M.


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Kelli Mirr, LMT & Lypossage� Practitioner

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Sheridan Executive Center

3475 Sheridan Street �  #215E �   Hollywood, Fl 33021

MM32345  MA28886

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